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What is Resimercial? – Modern Trends in Office Space Design

What is Resimercial Office Design?

As workers are easing back into the commercial workplaces, employers are finding that the millennial aged workers have adjusted to the conveniences of working from home offices and in many cases prefer it to the office. So, in order to ease the transition back to the corporate environment, blending some commercial with some residential design aspects has been a popular design trend. This new category of workplace design has been termed “Resimercial” (residential + commercial). 

Employers understand that employees have gotten used to more flexible working situations, but also that sometimes there’s nothing like face-to-face collaborations and group meetings. So providing workspaces with more casual and communal layouts is a popular design trend to lure them back in.  

Teknion Zones Lounge seating open office floorpan

(image: Teknion has a wonderful selection of furniture lines that fit into the Resimercial design category. View the gallery here.)

Some of the unique features of blending the residential and commercial office environments together include integrating items commonly found in the house to the commercial setting. Common examples would include: 

  • More cushioned and comfortable seating and sofas
  • Natural lighting
  • House plants 
  • Wool rugs and natural fibers.  

Another feature of resimercial design is the furniture selections. While typical commercial furniture hasn’t had the same comfort and traditional lines as residential furniture, many manufacturers are adding these new styles into their lineups of commercial grade options. Commercial furniture has to be much more durable and sturdy than residential furniture. So choosing the right products is vital. 

Additionally, traditional layout is less desirable in favor of open living room type places for collaboration and relaxation. This integration of purposeful spaces promotes a less formal atmosphere where workers are able to strike a better work/life balance. 

By updating workspaces to accommodate employee preferences make the work office a place that employees look forward to going to and fostering creativity.