Office Desk Selections

A Surface For Everything and for Everything a Surface.

Private Office Freestanding Desks

Style + Class + Comfort

We have your command center available in a wide selection of materials—designed to perform beautifully in any space. Our brand selections must meet rigorous standards in form, function, and style. We understand the challenges of a demanding work-life balance, and believe that the right office desk selection can bring chaos into order. Twisting cords and unseemly voids are a thing of the past. It’s time for a scriptorium revival. Find yourself a new desk here.

modern executive office desk with storage bins and vertical storage unit and modern desk chair with chrome base
adjustable height desk and woman working at standing height computer table
Adjustable Height Desks

Affordable Ergonomics

Comfort and health are key to maintaining productivity. Ergonomic height-adjustable desks are available with and without motors. Existing desks can be raised with base units, or reconfigured for new applications. Motorized height-adjustable office desks make transitions from seat-to-stand positions convenient and easy. Some models offer Memory Positions for precision adjustment.

Laminate and Metal Desks

Modern Office Desk Layouts

Say goodbye to boring. Modern day office desks are as flexible as you are—free-standing, adjustable, and 100% configurable. Create a creative work surface that meets your end-goals, complete with matching storage and filing cabinets. Discover the future of office design.

modern office desk and mesh back office chair and adjustable height base storage pedestal work surfaces and overhead storage bins.
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