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Ergonomic Office Furniture Collection

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Healthy, happy, productive.

Active working environments require thoughtful and adaptive solutions with office furniture configurations. Providing employees with a comfortable set of tools allows for increased productivity, decreased fatigue, and improved happiness. Rather than investing in corrective therapy, why not invest in proactively choosing ergonomic office furniture from the start? We have curated a selection of products from the bottom up to provide which completely address all elements of developing sustainable working environments.

Wondering how your workplace can be improved for a healthier more ergonomic focus? We’ve created a simple checklist so you can evaluate the ergonomics of your workspaces and create a plan for updating them. You can also view this video from the Mayo Clinic for tips on improving ergonomic office furniture adjustments for maximum comfort.

Ergonomics Checklist

Ergonomic Seating

It all begins with seating. We have curated a thoughtful collection of seating options that address the main issues with ergonomic chairs- comfort for many hours of sitting on end, quality of manufacturing, and beauty. Our ergonomic seating is designed to fit many body sizes and shapes as well as being highly configurable for amazing comfort and durability.

Ergonomic Desks and Tables.

Sit stand desks and adjustable height worksurfaces are amazing ways to add comfort and convenience to typical static work surfaces in the active work environment. Portland Commercial Furniture has a wide selection of powered bases and adjustable height work surfaces for a variety of applications. We also have the ability to retrofit existing cubicles to add height adjustable bases in some cases. Standing desks add incredible benefits to work ergonomics to traditional systems furniture configurations.

Ergonomic Accessories and Gadgets.

Portland Commercial Furniture offers a rainbow of products focused on the details of adapting to an ergonomic working environment. Anywhere from keyboard trays and monitor arms to foot rests and full workstation mobility solutions allow us to create custom solutions for unique situations.

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